A Battle of Wills : International Chess Day

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Chess is the game of minds and wills. If you grab a seat by a chessboard, you must be willing to enter into a battle of wills and strategies. And if you have a strong opponent, the board could see you sitting by it for hours. With it’s variety of permutations and combinations, the chessboard is one board that can keep you glued for a lifetime. Today is World Chess Day, the day that celebrates this game the world over. Chess enthusiasts gather together to enjoy and honour the sport which has stood the test of time. When talking about the might chessboard, we know that we can buy a plastic set for as little as 20 rupees at railway stations. But the chess sets used for World Chess Championships are carved out of the finest wood and cost hundreds of dollars. As we celebrate the battle of wills today, let us take a look at the skilled craftsmanship that goes into the chess boards. Happy World Chess Day to all players!!!

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