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Valentine’s Day is a special occasion to express love and affection. At the same time, Valentine’s Day’s pressure on the wallets can also be a bit too much. But this Valentine’s Day, YOYOSO gave their customers the opportunity to shower their loved ones with much more love and gifts, that too, without burning a hole in their pocket. Yes, offering 30% discount on select beautiful products, YOYOSO made it possible for everyone to celebrate a budget-friendly Valentine’s Day! There was a teaser video which was used as a hook, inviting the public to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget. The teaser received an amazing response. On the day the offer was announced, there was an overwhelming response on YOYOSO sites and social media handles. This specific offer helped YOYOSO reach new, relevant audiences without using up valuable resources. Both customers and their loved ones had an amazing day. Indeed, what can be better than celebrating your special one, that too without overspending!

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