With Cold Stone Creamery, go mangoes this summer.

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Summer is the season of heat and sweat and, with global warming, no one is happy about the onslaught of the hot and dusty months. But, there is one thing that makes everyone welcome summer with open arms – and that is the arrival of the king of fruits – mangoes. Deliciously juicy and sweet, ripe mangoes make summer so much more bearable. And what is better than fresh mangoes? The option of enjoying it in the form of mouth-watering shakes and ice-creams. And this yumminess is exactly what Cold Stone Creamery is bringing to its customers.

Cold Stone Creamery is now introducing Mango Obsession, the thick and delicious shake which brings you a sumptuous mixture of mango ice cream and fresh cut mangoes, fruit crush and a dash of milk. A sip of this nectar is all you need to cool down on a hot summer day. And, Cold Stone is not stopping at just shakes. They are also bringing customers the yummy Mango Signature Ice cream to satisfy those summer cravings. Mixed with fresh cut mangoes and fruit crush, and topped with diced mangoes, you cannot afford to miss out on this deliciousness. There is no time to waste as this is a limited time treat, only for summer.

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