Tomahawk steak from Famous Dave’s is what all other steaks wish they could be!

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It is Famous Dave’s passion to serve the best barbecues and steaks in the world that made them one of the leading food joints when it comes to mouth-watering meat delicacies. With over a 50 year obsession with this passion, Famous Dave’s has only one purpose, to delight guests with the most enjoyable and authentic meat experience possible. With this passion in mind, the brand has brought to UAE, the delicious Tomahawk steak, which is slow cooked, offering guests the most juicy and flavourful steaks in the world. Offering an assortment of hand-selected and hand-carved Wagyu steaks, Famous Dave’s Tomahawk is the only steak a steak lover will wish for.

Famous Dave’s steaks are made with love and passion, taking hours to get ready to be devoured. Not only do they offer guests stomach-filling steaks, but also ensure that all dishes are both mouth-watering and soul-satisfying. And that is the reason why each person who tastes the steaks, always asks for more! Indeed, their attention to detail and taste is so well-known that the new Tomahawk steak was eagerly accepted by all foodies in UAE. The brand is now in the process of launching many more delicious products.

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