The War in Afghanistan and Its Impact on Humanity

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Afghanistan has been a conflicted land since a long time. From communal riots between the two major sects to the invasion of the Taliban and the American forces, Afghanistan has not enjoyed peace in a long time. Poets and authors describe the beauty of their motherland, the war-torn Afghanistan, in reverential tones, speaking volumes about the peace-loving nature of the country’s inhabitants.

This month, foreign forces have pulled out of Afghanistan following 20 years of war with the Taliban. The conflict between the two entities has resulted in uncountable deaths and tremendous suffering to millions of people. With the departure of the Americans, Afghanistan has fallen into the hands of hardliners from the Taliban who are expected to put the country back 200 years.

While America entered Afghanistan as a response to the 9/11 attacks by Osama Bin Laden, the 20-year war, America’s longest running battle, has cost the country hundreds of billions of dollars and the current president Joe Biden has set 11 September 2021 as the symbolic date for American forces to completely evacuate the region.   

With the departure of the forces, Taliban has defeated the Afghan army in major cities and assumed control of the region. The Islamist group is forcing Afghanis to follow outdated rules and creating a humanitarian crisis in the region. With punishments as severe as torture and death being meted out for non-compliance with villainous rules, the Taliban is greatly feared in the country and scores of people are attempting to flee before the group assumes complete control over the region.

While the US President said that Taliban would not be able to capture Kabul or defeat the Afghan government, recent days have toppled the assumption and shown the world the fearsome power of the Taliban. International action is the only hope for the millions of people now inhabiting Afghanistan and help is needed urgently if humanity is to survive this threat.

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