Tablez brands go creative for World Environment Day

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With global warming growing steadily and pollution all-encompassing, the importance of World Environment Day has increased greatly. Celebrated on June 5, the day is dedicated to creating social awareness around the well-being of nature. Brands took tremendous efforts to ensure people were talking about the environmental issues and Tablez brands, especially, took the onus of spreading awareness!

The most-loved ice cream brand Cold Stone Creamery raised its voice through its World Environment Day campaign to protect the foundation that supports all life, while Bloomsbury’s restaurant come up with a soothing message on the importance of getting the greens back as the same would be reflected in our plates. Galitos, a famous food chain in India, released a beautiful and thought-provoking video on how the brand is grateful to Mother Nature for giving them all the ingredients and resources to make yummy cuisines. The video ended with a message on the importance of giving back to the nature which has given us everything.

GO Sport, one of the acclaimed sports brands, notified their customers about taking care of the environment in the same way they care for their health and body as only then will we have a healthy planet. YOYOSO, a creative fashion brand, apprised customers of the biodiversity of nature and encouraged people into using more nature friendly products to save the nature.

As we know, actions inspire much more than mere words can and therefore the brands have highlighted their messages and taken efforts to advise a sustainable environment. This is expected to inspire their beloved consumers to take better care of Mother Earth.

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