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PDD’s “Don’t Hesitate, Let’s Vaccinate” campaign ensures complete safety

Every successful organisation knows that there is nothing as important as the health and wellbeing of their employees. Indeed, employees are the greatest asset for every company and, at Pearl Data Direct, there is no contention to this adage. We are extremely focused on the wellbeing and safety of all our employees and we staunchly believe that nothing is as important as staying protected and healthy.

In today’s environment, the best way to ensure communal health is through vaccination, which keeps everyone ready for a secure and healthy tomorrow. Focused on the safety of all employees, PDD’s “Don’t Hesitate, Let’s Vaccinate” Campaign, was a resounding success. Our initiatives have borne fruit and all the staff at PDD are, now, fully vaccinated, ensuring that both our employees and our clients are completely secure.

At PDD, we have always believed in an employee-first policy, and we try to take consistent initiatives to make sure that they have the work experience possible. As a Group, we are always focused on activities that ensure complete safety and well-being of our employees as well as their families and the successful vaccination drive only brings home this fact in a more realistic manner.

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