PDD’s “Don’t Hesitate, Let’s Vaccinate” Campaign for Employees’ Safety

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Since the unprecedented pandemic that caught us unawares in March 2020, we have all been taking stringent efforts to prepare for the new normal. And, one of the major rays of light in this gloomy atmosphere is the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine which promises relief from the worst of the virus. Truly, there is nothing more important than staying safe and healthy and vaccination is one way to work towards that. Studies have shown a tremendous decline in mortality and severity of symptoms in regions which are properly vaccinated.

Reiterating its focus on the wellbeing of its employees, Pearl Data Direct conducted a successful vaccination drive on Saturday, June 19th, at Y-Tower, Vazhakkala, Cochin. The vaccination drive which adhered to the slogan of “Don’t Hesitate, Let’s Vaccinate” was carried out in coordination with Aster Medicity, one of the foremost healthcare service providers in the state. From the temperature check-posts and hand sanitation implements at the entry, to socially distanced vaccination norms, the drive followed all rules and protocols and ensured the safety of all the healthcare service providers and employees present at the location.

PDD truly believes in the adage that employees are a company’s most important assets. In fact, the organization goes one step further and treats all employees as a part of the family. As we believe that the health and safety of its employees comes foremost, this much-needed campaign was a resounding success. And we’re very happy that the first step, towards the safety of each one at PDD, has been taken care of.

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