PDD secures Lulu Money mobile app; ensures Optimal Services.

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PDD has achieved regulatory compliance and is strengthening information security models with a state-of-the-art cloud-based approach to vulnerability management with the aim of mitigating potential threats to the innovative and customer-focused LuLu Money Mobile App.

As the LuLu Money App is one of the company’s biggest and newest ventures aimed at empowering the unbanked population, PDD is supporting the endeavour by targeting the latest cloud technologies for optimal support.

LuLu Financial is engaged in serving the migrant workers who send huge amounts of remittances to their home countries on a regular basis and PDD ensures that all these transactions proceed smoothly and seamlessly. To make cross-border remittances faster, easier, and safer, LuLu Financial Group has made its services available 24/7 via the Lulu Money app.

According to Midhun Kumar, Head of Infrastructure and Cloud Operations, “We manage a wide range of IT services for our parent company, including collaboration platforms, line-of-business applications, and ERP systems. Operating in a highly regulated industry means that governance and compliance are always high priorities, and we knew it would be essential to demonstrate that our new cloud technologies are aligned with stringent information security requirements.”

He further added, “Our regulators place very strict controls on vulnerability management and we must report on each vulnerability we detect, how and when we will remediate it, and whether any other remediation activities are delayed, among other data points. Our previous tool made it difficult to identify the relative severity and criticality of our vulnerabilities, which meant building regulatory compliance reports was a time-consuming process. To accelerate our compliance activities—and enhance the security of our cloud environments—we decided to look for a new approach.”

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