PDD Initiates Lulu Labs as CSR initiative to empower society via learning

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As a part of the company’s corporate social responsibility, Pearl Data Direct has initiated LuLu Labs to create the world of tomorrow. Aimed at enabling a universal society that supports equal opportunities for individuals, LuLu Labs offers a viable strategy for social responsibility by providing significant benefits in the areas of educational access for underserved populations, exposure to and experience with diversity.

The leaders from PDD will provide technology courses, from the basic level, through the online Lulu Labs Learning management platform. The organization has committed to making the global citizens problem solvers through education because problem-solving will always be a relevant skill. The platform is open to the public through labs.pearldatadirect.com, with the Initial Java programming foundation course for beginners. It is a good start for anyone who wants to step into the world of programming   

LuLu Labs will be focusing on technology programs, especially programming Outside the implications of programming skills which look good on a resume, coding boosts skills which are useful in most jobs. Empowering the society through education is one of the main CSR Actions for PDD.

Picture source : https://bit.ly/2WKvYao

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