How can you make remote work more productive?

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This is the second year of the pandemic and many of us have been engaged in remote work since March last year. While it was an interesting change in the initial days, consistent stress and performance anxiety has made it difficult for people to enjoy work from home now, especially as it has continued for such a long time.

Assessing the situation helps us see that the remote work movement has both benefits and challenges and it is imperative that we leverage the positives to overcome the difficulties and chart a successful remote working career even as we wait for things to return to normal. So, to help you navigate these uncharted waters, here are some simple tips and tricks to mitigate stress, enhance productivity and promote success as a remote worker:

Stick to a proper work schedule: When we used to office, we had a fixed in and out time. But, with remote work, these boundaries have blurred greatly. To avoid working or thinking about pending tasks 24/7, you must fix your schedule and stick to your work hours. Also communicate the same to your colleagues and employers. This helps you enhance your mental health while avoiding burn out.

Be updated on tech support: Now that you must rely on yourself for minor tech problems and difficulties and use a lot of tools to successfully manage work, you must be up to date on the digital collaboration systems available to you. These include Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Dropbox and Box. You can use service providers like LinkedIn and Udemy for free online skills training for essential tech tools.

Create an efficient home office: Creating an office atmosphere at home will help you avoid health woes like carpal tunnel syndrome and eyestrain. Having an ergonomic home office can also help you be more productive. Choose a robust Wi-Fi to make it better. 

Give yourself time to breathe: While working remotely it is difficult to take care of our own wellbeing as an office atmosphere puts the onus on the HR department but at home, we must take care of ourselves. Self-care is key to your success so find time to do things you enjoy, every day. As the popular saying goes, refresh, reboot, re-focus.

Create clear channels of communication with your boss, co-workers and team: While working remotely it is essential to maintain frequent contact, via phone, text, email or video chats, with your manager and colleagues as this may be the only way to share your progress reports. Make sure to schedule daily catch up calls to keep everyone in the loop and not get stuck in a silo. 

Deliver like a star: To avoid deadline hiccups, make sure your manager knows your work and notices the output. You can do this by meeting your deadlines and exceeding expectations. If you have additional time, accept or volunteer for important assignments or skill building activities. 

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