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Focus, determination, pain, disappointment, excitement, suspense, anger, relief: it’s all a part of the game, whether you are a man or a woman. Women’s sports, compared to men’s sports, are rarely broadcasted on the national media. They are not given the same exposure as men. Still, it’s their desire and passion that fuels them to fight and move forward. For a woman athlete, she’s not only competing with her opponent, but also against patriarchy. Whether she is a girlfriend, wife, a mother, or beyond her prime, the passion inside her doesn’t cease to exist. Sports teaches everyone so much – from competitiveness, to compassion, from rigour to rest, from self-doubt to confidence, the sporting arena can build a person’s individuality and character. It shapes a person into who they actually are, making them invaluable members of the society and the nation.

While International Women’s Day comes once in a year, it acts as a wake-up call to all the talented women out there who are ensconced in the society’s chains and barriers. It gives them a voice to speak for themselves. And, this Women’s Day, GO Sport, the leading international sports brand, made a video featuring the smart and rebellious women athletes, from various sport categories in India, asking them about their experience of becoming an athlete, and their message to other women out there, who have their own hopes and dreams. The video, which was aired across social media platforms of GO Sport, caught the attention of many people and made them question their beliefs and behaviour. The video ended with an inspiring message telling women “Let nothing stop you from being what you want to be’.The video was conceptualised by the Advertising and Marketing Department of Pearl Data Direct.

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