Bloomsbury’s made sure everyone feels loved this Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day cannot be celebrated without something sweet and thoughtful to express heartfelt love. Bloomsbury’s introduced an array of sinfully tempting cakes and cupcakes for Valentine’s Day to help share the sweetness of love. The best-selling products this Valentine’s Day were Smash Your Heart, Romantic Goodbye/Farewell cake, Valentine cupcakes, and Choco Valentine cakes.

Smashable Chocolate Heart Cakes were an especially beloved hit – made with a dark chocolate heart on top, and brownie at the bottom, filled with moulded chocolate bonbons and stuffed with delicious surprises – these cakes proclaimed love loud and clear. For the broken hearts, Bloomsbury’s even introduced a creative ‘Romantic Goodbye/Farewell Cake’, made with layers of red velvet filled with fresh raspberry compote, well arranged in the shape of a broken heart kept together, as if trying to join it. Another cake that became a super-hit was ‘Choco Valentine Cake’, made with super delicious dark chocolate mousse filled with a layer of crunchy pineapple and passion fruit, covered with dark cocoa powder and cocoa brut.

The brand also introduced several cupcakes to woo its customers on the day of love. The sale was a huge success. Innovative promotions across social media garnered 90% sales with the enquiries received. The number of orders were so high that, finally, there came a situation where the brand had to struggle to deliver all the cakes to customers. But, none of the customers were left hanging. All the enquiries were taken care of and Bloomsbury’s made sure that everyone had a very happy Valentine’s Day by ensuring that their orders were met in a timely and appealing manner.

With these delicious cakes and goodies, sweet lovers had a much sweeter celebration. Each cake was so yummy and received such high ratings that even the singles couldn’t resist ordering a piece of this honeyed love

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